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Connecting the VGA Monitor

Any VGA monitor will work with the VS-2400CD. To set up your monitor, use the following procedure.

1. Connect the VGA cable from the monitor to the VS-2400CD.

2. Turn on the monitor and then the VS-2400CD.

3. Hold down SHIFT and press F4 (UTILITY).

4. Press F1 (SYSTEM).

5. Press F2 (PARAM2).

6. Turn TIME/VALUE to set VGA OUT to ON.

7. Press .to select the REFRESH RATE parameter and turn the TIME/VALUE dial until the picture is displayed correctly on the VGA monitor.

8. To use your mouse on the VS-2400CD’s internal LCD, set OPERATION TARGET to LCD, or set it to VGA to work on your external monitor.

Loading and Playing the Demo Song

Use the following procedure to load and play back the VS-2400CD’s demo song using the built-in LCD.

1. Press PROJECT—the project list appears, listing your hard drive partitions and their contents.

2. Press .or .to select Promises.

3. Press F6 (MARK) to checkmark the project.

4. Press F1 (SELECT)—"Select Project, Sure?" is displayed. Press ENTER/YES. If "Store Current?" or “Re-Load Current?" appears, press ENTER/YES.

5. Once the project is loaded, press PLAY to start the song, and STOP to end playback.

6. Press ZERO to return to the top of the song.

Note: During playback, you can press TR 1-12 or TR 13-24 and move the faders to adjust the listening level of the individual tracks in the Project.

Recording a Song

Use the following procedures to record onto Track 1 using the built-in LCD.

Create a New Project

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F1 (PROJECT).

2. Press F2 (NEW).The default setting for the SAMPLE RATE is 44.1k, and the RECORDING MODE is MTP.

3. Press F5 (OK).

4. “Create New Project, Sure?” is displayed. Press ENTER/YES and a new project is created.

Note: If “Store Current?” appears, press ENTER/YES to save changes to the currently loaded project before the new one is created.

Adjust Input Levels

1. Press the IN 1-12 button.

2. Connect a dynamic microphone to either the XLR or 1/4” Input 1 jack on the VS-2400.

3. Raise the Input Channel 1 fader to 0db.

4. Press F1 (INPUT) to view the input meter.

5. While speaking or singing into the mic, adjust the input sensitivity knob just beneath the INPUT 1 1/4” jack so that the displayed level is between – 4 and –12.

Record Your Performance

1. Press the TR 1-12 button so it lights up.

2. To select and arm Track 1, press the TRACK STATUS 1 button until it flashes red.

3. Raise Track 1’s fader to find a comfortable listening level.

4. Press REC. The light above it flashes red to indicate that the VS-2400CD is ready to record.

5. Press PLAY—REC and TRACK STATUS 1 turn solid red to show that you’ve begun recording.

6. Press STOP when you’re done recording.

7. Press ZERO to return to the beginning of the project. Press PLAY to listen to the track and, if necessary, adjust Track 1’s listening level again.

Add Reverb to a Recorded Track
Use the following procedure to listen to Track 1 with reverb added.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F3 (EFFECT).

2. Press F1 (FX1), and then press F1 to select PATCH.

3. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select P046 RV: Vocal Plt and press F5 (SELECT) to confirm your choice.

4. Press the AUX1-8/FX1-4 button.

5. Raise the fader for FX1 RTN to 0 dB.

6. Press TR 1-12 so the faders control Track Channels 1-12.

7. Press the CH EDIT button—above TRACK STATUS—for Track Channel 1.

8. Highlight “dB” in the AUX 1 box.

9. Press TRACK STATUS 1 until it lights green, and then PLAY to play back Track 1.

10. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial clockwise to change the AUX 1 send value to at least -9 dB—the higher the value, the more reverb you’ll hear.

11. Press HOME (DISPLAY) to return to the main screen.

Mastering and CD-R Write

Once you’ve finished recording a project, you’ll mix your song in stereo onto two “mastering tracks.” The VS-2400CD provides the Mastering Room for this purpose.

Mixing in the Mastering Room

1. Press CD-RW MASTERING, and then F1 (Mstrng) to enter the Mastering Room.


3. Set STATUS to REC.

4. Turn CDR Rec MODE on to record your mastering tracks in a form that’s ready for burning onto a CD.

5. The V.Track setting shows the Virtual Tracks on which your mastering tracks are to be recorded and then burned onto a CD. By default, V.Track is set to
23/24-16—Tracks 23 and 24, Virtual Track 16.

6. Press REC, and then press PLAY to begin the mixdown. When the song is finished, press STOP.

7. Change STATUS to PLAY and press ZERO.

8. Press PLAY to listen to your mastering tracks.

Burning a CD

1. Press the CD-RW MASTERING button. Press F2 (CDWrit). "Store Current?" is displayed. If you wish to store any changes to the project, press ENTER/YES.
Otherwise, press CANCEL/NO.

2. Insert a blank CD-R and press ENTER/YES.

3. Select 23-16:V.T23-16 and 24-16:V.T24-16 as L-Ch SOURCE TRACK and R-Ch SOURCE TRACK, respectively.

4. Set WRITE METHOD to Disc at Once.

5. Set CD SPEED to X4.

6. Press [F5] OK. "CD Track No. OK?" is displayed. Press YES three times to start burning the CD.

Note: When the VS-2400CD finishes burning the CD, it asks “Write Another?” and the CD is ejected. If you wish to burn another copy of the song, replace the CD with
a blank and press ENTER/YES.

CD Capture

CD Capture allows the VS-2400CD to capture songs from an audio CD and place them on two tracks in the currently loaded project.

1. Press CD-RW MASTERING. Press the PAGE button once and then press F1 (CDCapt).

2. Insert the audio CD and press ENTER/YES. Select the desired track in the CD TRACK box.

3. Set L-CH DESTINATION TRACK to the track on which you wish to place the CD song—R-CH DESTINATION TRACK is automatically set to the next-highest track.

4. Press F5 (OK) followed by ENTER/YES twice to capture the CD audio to the selected tracks.

Note: To import multiple songs to the same track, repeat these steps. For the first song, dial in “to zero” as the CAPTURE TO value. For the remaining songs, dial in
“to last phrase: 2 s” as the CAPTURE TO value.