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Cape Town,South Africa.
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Stuart Ramage
Sound/Lighting Engineer
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Cape Town, South Africa. 2000

First became involved in the entertainment industry at the age of 15 (1995). Started doing lighting for school plays until I went to my first live concert and was blown away by the sound. Decided there and then that I wanted to become an audio engineer. It was not an easy task as the industry is small here and I had to start off at the bottom and slowly work my way up. It has taken me about 10 years to get where I am today and the best thing is that I am still learning.

Started with a company called Crew U promotions back in 1998. They supply the crew for the big international shows that come to South Africa. Worked very long and tiring hours for a good couple of years where I was then fortunate enough to get a job as resident audio engineer in a small theatre (The Roxy Revue Bar) at Grandwest Casino. Have been there since working on a variety of shows in the theatre and various local and international concerts around Cape Town.

Counting Crows

In 2002/3 I started doing sound for a small band starting off by the name of Flat Stanley. Now 5 years down the line they are one of the biggest bands in the country. Since I have been with them I have been on tour around the country and worked in various venues, a number of festivals and 3 international concerts. One with Counting Crows, one with Foreigner and a big festival with Collective Soul and Metallica. Best part about my job is having the opportunity to gain experience and learn from some of the best engineers around.


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