Behind The Mountain
Cape Town,South Africa.
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Recordings From Behind The Mountain

Prelude Rickshaw Baby Blues

The Prelude.......

Rickshaw Baby Blues

A Re-recording

Mr Lullaby Audition Night
Mr Lullaby

The Beginning of the End.....

Mr Lullaby Video

Audition Night

Some good old Rock 'n Roll.....


I've Got A Secret Halellujah
I've Got A Secret

"I've Got A Secret" was co-written by Carmen Meyer and Kenny Ramage, We cannot tell you what it is about because it's a secret!!


Bit of a fun rock song written in the style of the Stones.
Features Carmen on backing vocals.
Me, well I did the rest.

Tanglewood Rainbow

Another song left over from around 2003.
It's a bit of a fantasy song and the lyrics are really a load of old rubbish, but I enjoy it and I had a great time recording it.


This was written in approx 2003. I resurrected it in 2007 and re-recorded it
Download 2003 Version here.

Summertime To Be Free

I recorded this cover of the well known song basically as a test for my new Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer. Lot's of different instruments - all played on the synth. Magic little box this is..... 

To Be Free

First "serious" song recorded using the guitar synth.
Some of the guitar parts are recorded using "real" guitars.
Can you distinguish?