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All songs written by Kenny Ramage
From the Bedrock "Recovery" Album - 2001

Rock 'n Roll Man Bronto Saw Us

Rock 'n Roll Man

The lyrics to this song contain references to some of the songs that influenced my musical career.

Bronto Saw Us

This song started as a vocal song,  but because I couldn't sing it properly, I decided to change it to an instrumental.

Babelas Blues Freedom

Babbelas Blues

This song is based on an old blues riff that I had been playing around with for ages. I had always wanted to write something over it, so when the idea of writing a song about a hangover came to me, this riff just seemed to fit the mood perfectly.


Basically, I tried to write a song similiar to Lynyrd Skynyrds "Sweet Home Alabama" and this is what popped out. This was also my first attempt at writing a song for BedRock. The lyrics are purely fictional.


Mna Who Needs a Woman
I Wanna Be (A Fireman)

I had this melody running through my head for weeks. The only way I managed to get rid of it  was to write it down and play it with the band.

Man Who Needs a Woman

The basic idea for this song was written when I was about 20. The lyrics are to prove to my wife that I can write a "love song."

Ode to DSTV Saturday Night


Another old blues sequence that I have played around with for years. The lyrics? No comment !! 

Saturday Night

I've always like Status Quo and you will probably hear some similarity to them in this song. Check the worry in my eyes.

Shadows in Your Eyes The Loser

Shadows in Your Eyes

We needed a number on the album to reflect upon.


The Loser

I think I wrote this song after consuming a couple of beers. It reminds me a lot of a few characters I knew in Oranjemund, Namibia.