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So Where's The Party

All songs written by Kenny Ramage
From the Bedrock "So Where's The Party" Album - 2003

Yeah, Yeah

Crowd Invasion

Straight forward , driving rock song with lots of guitars. Take that you bounder.

Yeah, Yeah

One afternoon, a drummer and myself were jamming when we came up with this riff

Mobile Party Nothing Worries Me

Mobile Party

I've always fancied getting myself a truck or a van, fitting it out with a gigantic sound system and driving around visiting my mates.

Nothing Worries Me

I love playing reggae and we had a great time recording this one.

I believe in Angels Rock 'n Roll Man II

I Believe in Angels

Have you ever thought "Stuff It" and running away from home?

Rockin' Roll Man II

This was always the time to hit the parties when you have finished playing for the night.

Rickshaw Baby Blues Going Home

Rickshaw Bay Blues

This started off as two songs that I decided to merge into one. The reggae style in the verse came from the band during post rehearsals.
The lyrics are nonsense.

Going Home

This song started off as a country type song but did not quite get there.


So Where is the PARTY????? The Party - Refrain

So Where's The Party?

I used to do it every Friday night. Some members of the band still do it.

So Where's The Party - Refrain

A fitting end to any good party..