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Recordings from Gerald Potgieter

Mr President Sweet Lulu
Mr President

This song could refer to the pressures any world leader surrounds him self, while staying in the their white house.
The song actually refers to George Bush at the time when he was in the seat
Playing my own music arrangement on a Korg i4s
Words by Nick Cain + Vocals.
This was performed by us ( Oxygen Thieves) and recorded live at the Big Tree, Strand.

Mr President Original

Sweet Lulu

Sweet Lulu also performed and recorded live at The Big Tree, Strand.
Playing my own arrangement with Nick on Vocals.
Lulu is a sixties type chick, with beehive I used to work with,
who inspired me to write the music.
I inspired Nick to do the lyrics.
I played lead guitar on my trustworthy i4S (with a few pedals of course)
upsetting the real guitar players in the audience.
Nick with his no tonsil throat, dishing out the blues.

Fire History

Music By me.
Nick on Vocals.
The usual me on fire, the only muso playing for the Oxygen Thieves. Copying a lead guitarist again. I presume it inspired Nick to come up with the Lyrics.
Its magical what you can do with keyboards.


I always tried different genre's.
I liked the sound of the euro bass and tried it in this song.
I wrote and played everything on this song as usual
Nick did the lyrics and vocals as usual.

Dragons Come Stay by Me Tonight
Dragons in my Head

Bravo !! i got myself an MO8 and could really explore new boundaries in music production.
Dragons were flying, invading my head.
Hopefully someone will pay me the honours to use it in a movie clip.
Come Stay by Me Tonight

I dreamt of this lushes Scandinavian spending breath in the Alps.
This is the result the next day.

So Special
So Special

Don't know what to say.
All so special.
Like you said once, I was a lead guitarist in my dreams I suppose.
Sadness of Life

 A tribute to Anton Hammerl's tragedy in Libiya.