Behind The Mountain
Cape Town,South Africa.
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"From Vereeniging, South Africa to Kitwe, Zambia, back to my birth place Falkirk, Scotland, again to Zambia, then down to Johannesburg, South Africa, 15 years in Oranjemund, Namibia and now “Behind The Mountain” located in Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa - the Musical Journey Continues.........."

I’ve tried to provide photographic and written evidence of most of the bands and musicians I’ve played with over the years, and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who was with me during those times, to please send me any type of memorabilia they would like to be included within this collection.

Within The Cave, you will also find some of my latest musical offerings – updated frequently – along with samples of my previous recordings.
All my latest recordings have been produced in my home studio with me writing all the tracks and playing all instruments - albiet with a little help from friends.

'Cos I'm was getting bored with the sound of my own voice, I have been collaborating with a few of my musician friends in the studio. You can have a wee listen by popping into The Cave.

The Links are exactly what they are, but do have a strong musical connection.
I hope they all work but please feel free to drop me a line if you find any dead ones. You can even send me suggestions if you would like me to include one or two.

The Tutorial section is a hodgepodge of bits 'n pieces that I've picked up over the years and that you may find useful.
Contributions to this section are more than welcome.


Kenny Ramage