Behind The Mountain
Cape Town,South Africa.
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BedRock - Windhoek Festival  

What is your pleasure?

In this den of iniquity and desire, you will find many rooms, each with a story of its own to tell.

Here you can enjoy a delectable variety of otherworld musicalKenny Ramage delights....enough to satisfy even your most eldritch desires.

May you be happy, hope you will be amazed. Discombobulation is not an option.

Within "The Cave" you will find musicians longing to not only stay in contact with their fans, but even to devour them in unashamed adulteration as they made them what they are - as it were, so to speak, to coin a phrase.

"The Tutorials" will expose you to the vile secrets of recording and will teach you how to lure your prey into the web of your studio where you can perform unmentionatable deeds upon their utterances before the microphone and/or line in.

The "Links" will take you into uncharted waters never before seen by man or superiour being.

Be very careful, as beyond here are dragons..........

Wave Forms